About us

Southside Towing and Recovery is a licensed Salvage Dealer/Vehicle Removal Operator with the DMV. We have been in business for a few years now, but have been in the automotive recycling business with other partners since 2002. We have a great deal of knowledge of how everything works when it comes to recycling your vehicle from beginning to end. We have a great oversight of the whole industry and can answer any questions you may have.

don't choose just anybody!

Whenever you do have a junk, wrecked or unwanted vehicle you want to recycle make sure you deal with a licensed salvager! If you don’t and the paperwork isn’t handled properly you could end up with a huge personal property tax bill for a car you no longer own (not to mention you can get your drivers license suspended)! If you like to drive and don’t want your personal information just anywhere, you definetely don’t want to deal with someone that is not licensed. They could end up selling your car to someone else while it’s still registered to you! No one wants a massive headache and lots of problems on their end, so go with someone you can trust!