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That older car you're working on might require auto parts that aren't found in stores anymore. Thankfully, Southside Towing & Recovery has used auto parts for sale in Richmond, VA. We buy junk cars, remove usable parts and then offer our customers convenient recycled car part sales.

You should make our company your first call when you're repairing a car. You'll find the car parts you need without spending an arm and a leg. Call 804-632-8697 now to learn about our current inventory.

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Skip your trip to the auto store

You could shop online for used auto parts, but you might not get what you paid for. You'll know you're getting the item you need when you shop our used auto parts for sale. We have a wide selection for you to choose from. Curious about our recycled car part sales? Speak with a team member today to hear about our current rates.

Helping you find the part you need

Southside Towing & Recovery is proud to have a great selection of recycled car parts for sale. Are you looking for a particular part? You can:

  • Call our team to see if we have your part available
  • Have our team set the part aside if we have it in stock
  • Swing by our yard to pick up and purchase your part ASAP

We buy and scrap junk cars to source a wide range of parts for all makes and models. Additionally, we have a variety of parts that are no longer in production. If you're looking for a particular used auto part for sale in Richmond, VA, call us today.